Prevent (counter terrorism)

Prevent (counter terrorism)

Prevent is a national strategy. It aims to stop people from becoming violent extremists or supporting terrorism. Prevent forms part of the government's CONTEST strategy. If someone is identified as being potentially vulnerable to radicalisation or extremism, Prevent puts in place processes to help them.

Making referrals

If you have any concerns that someone may be vulnerable to radicalisation you must complete a prevent referral form (PDF, 66KB) so that the Prevent team can assess the level of need and develop a response. Once you have completed the form please email:

For any support completing the form please contact:

If you have a safeguarding concern please follow your organisations safeguarding process. In an emergency, call 999.

Examples of information you might include on the form

  • How / why did the person come to your organisation’s notice?
  • Does it involve a specific event? What happened? Is it a combination of factors? Please describe it to us.
  • Has the person discussed travel plans to a war zone or countries with similar concerns? Where? When? How?
  • Does the Person have contact with groups or individuals that cause you concern? Who? Why are they concerning? How frequent is this contact?
  • Is there something about the person’s mobile phone, internet or social media use that is worrying to you? What exactly? How do you have access to this information?
  • Has the person expressed a desire to cause physical harm, or threatened anyone with violence? Who? When? Can you remember what was said / expressed exactly?
  • Has the Individual shown a concerning interest in hate crimes, or extremists, or terrorism? Consider any extremist ideology, group or cause, as well as support for “school-shooters” or public-massacres, or murders of public figures.
  • Please describe any other concerns.

Further information

For access to resources for schools, parents and young people to support Prevent and other safeguarding topics please visit Hampshire Constabulary Safe4me Education Resources.

To help you understand Prevent more the Home Office have a free eLearning tool you can also email