Health protection (vaccinations)

Apart from clean water, vaccination is the most important public health intervention in the world. The NHS vaccination guide can help you understand the vaccines offered in the UK, it includes videos and other useful guidance.

On the Isle of Wight, there are lots of health professionals who are involved in vaccination. They include: GPs, practice nurses, midwives, health visitors, school nurses, and community pharmacists. You can speak to them for advice relating to vaccinations that you or your family should have based on age and individual risk factors that make you more susceptible to preventable infections such as:

  • medical history
  • pregnancy
  • occupation
  • travel plans.

For the routine vaccination schedule visit the NHS Choices website.

For more information about vaccinations for children this NHS Choices video talks about why vaccinations are important and safe.

Another comprehensive source of information is the Healthier Together website. This covers all vaccinations for children and young people as well as other aspects around children’s health and wellbeing.

Emergency management

The Public Heath Team work with Emergency Management to co-produce policies for the council which include cold weather, heatwave and Pandemic flu plans. These aim to coordinate system-wide response to minimise the adverse health impact of the Island’s population.