Bookstart is a national scheme that aims to inspire a love of books in every child. It does this by giving free books to every baby. It also helps families discover the benefits and joys of sharing books with young children.

How children receive their free books

The Bookstart Baby Pack is given by the Registrars when you register the birth of your baby. If you don’t receive a pack, ask in your local library and we’ll arrange to get a pack to you.

Why Bookstart is great

Bookstart is not just about free books; it's about inspiring a lifelong love of books and reading in children. It's never too soon to start sharing books with babies and toddlers. Research shows that children who have books shared with them from an early age often go on to do better at school. Sharing books is also a lovely bonding experience between you and your child. It takes only a few minutes for one-to-one quality time in a busy day.

There is no age limit on joining the library, so even tiny babies can get a library card of their own. All libraries have sturdy board books for babies, and we don't charge if the books get chewed or damaged. There are no fines on late books for children, so don't worry if life gets a bit hectic and your books are a few days late.

Many libraries hold weekly Rhyme Time too. These are fun sessions of songs and rhymes for babies and toddlers.