Just for fun - how many can you walk?

The Rights of Way team are often asked for a list of the definitive paths, because people wish to see if they can find them and walk them.  The paths were originally named and numbered back in the 1950’s so now you will see that there are some numbers missing, this is because over time some paths have been extinguished, and this is why there are gaps in the numbering.   

I have listed the start and end destinations and some other information which might be helpful, but to locate the line of the route you will need to refer to a map (paper or digital). 

The Ordnance Survey map OL29 Explorer, for the Isle of Wight doesn’t show the path names and numbers only the line of the routes, but there are a couple of map books, that can be purchased, which also show the path name and number:

Perrys Guide Map of the Isle of Wight

Both available locally or found in the Tourist information Centre at The Guildhall, High Street, Newport, PO30 1TY.  See the Visit Isle of Wight website for more information on walking on the Island.  Or order your preferred map type off the internet or use a mobile phone app of your choosing.

View the Isle of Wight Definitive Map or view the digital leisure map, to help with the location of the paths. 

If you come across any problems on your walk please let the Public Rights of Way team know by email: rightsofway@iow.gov.uk, remember to tell us whereabouts the problem is along the path, and a photos of it greatly helps us, when trying to relocate it again later on.

The paths are split into Parish and the  PDF lists can be found below:

Arretons (PDF,148KB, 4 pages)

Bembridge (PDF, 144KB, 3 pages)

Brading (PPDF, 143KB, 5 pages)

Brighstone (PDF, 175KB, 7 pages)

Calbourne (PDF, 139KB, 3 pages)

Chale (PDF128KB, 3 pages)

Cowes (PDF, 123KB, 2 pages)

Freshwater (PDF, 145KB, 5 pages)

Gatcombe & Chillerton (PDF, 125KB, 2 pages)

Godshill (PDF, 162KB, 5 pages)

Newchurch (PDF, 108KB, 4 pages)

Newport (PDF, 206KB, 12 pages)

Niton & Whitwell (PDF, 182KB, 7 pages)

Ryde (PDF, 98KB, 9 pages)

Sandown & Shanklin (PDF, 185KB)

Shalfleet (PDF, 152KB, 3 pages)

Shorwell (PDF, 147KB, 4 pages)

Totland (PDF, 149KB, 3 pages)

Ventnor (PDF, 105KB, 9 pages)

Yarmouth (PDF, 120KB,  2 pages)