Be vigilant of potential parking scams

Published: 2 November 2022

The first involves scammers placing fake QR codes disguised as "quick pay" options on parking meters.

People scan the code and enter their credit card information thinking they are paying for the space, but instead, it directs them to a fake website where scammers capture their payment details.

A motorist recently had money taken from their bank account after trying to pay for parking in Sandown using a false QR code stuck to the machine. They were later made aware of the fraud by their credit card company.

Following the report, the council said parking meters were being checked and emphasised that its pay and display machines do not offer payment via a QR code.

Meanwhile, parking payment app provider — PayByPhone — is warning motorists of bogus websites created in an attempt to impersonate theirs and dupe drivers into entering their bank details.

These sites require people to register, then ask for their credit or debit card details and charge a subscription.

PayByPhone says it does not provide any subscription service and will never charge your card without your authorisation.

The company is working with the relevant authorities to have these sites removed, however, in the meantime, is urging people to exercise caution when providing their credit or debit card details online in case the site is fraudulent.

It said the authentic PayByPhone site remained a secure platform with the highest level of security for processing payments.

To avoid these scams, the safest and most secure way to use PayByPhone remains:

• Download the PaybyPhone app directly from the App Store or Google Play Store.
• Visit the official website by entering directly into the search bar.
• Dial 0330 400 7275 to use the automated phone line.