07 Feb 2018 Last updated at 14:00

East Cowes 'umbrella' tree

Securing a future for the 'umbrella' tree in East Cowes is being encouraged in a decision notice issued by the council.

 ‘No objection’ is the formal decision to an application by Island Roads to remove and replace the weeping ash; as the tree is infected with the fungal body 'Inonotus hispidus'.  This fungus undermines the strength of the tree and often indicates that breakage of the affected branch or trunk could be imminent.

The issue of this notice is part of a legal process that Island Roads and the council are obliged to follow, but outside of this process (and detailed in the notice) are options to be considered and investigated further with the applicant that may prevent the immediate removal of the tree.

 Councillor Ian Ward, Cabinet member for Infrastructure and transport, said: “The report is clear that the tree is not in good condition and at some time in the future its removal may have to become necessary.”

“I am delighted that the process being followed is presenting an opportunity for the key stakeholders to pursue options that may sustain the tree for a longer period of time, and I hope this approach will be welcomed by the local community.”

An Island Roads spokesman said: “The safety of road users must be our absolute priority but we are also very conscious that this is a much-loved landmark tree.

“In partnership with the Isle of Wight Council and East Cowes Town Council, we will continue to explore options to prolong the life of this tree. As part of this we have commissioned a further detailed examination of the tree by an independent specialist the results of which will help us all reach the right decision in terms of public safety.”


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Decision notice issued by the Isle of Wight Council.
Decision notice issued by the Isle of Wight Council.
  • The issue of this notice is part of a legal process.
Isle of Wight, UK