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08 Jul 2015

Executive members vote to award waste contract

Members of the Isle of Wight Council's Executive Committee have tonight (Wednesday 8 July) voted to award the Island's new 25 year waste contract to the preferred bidder.

AmeyCespa was given preferred bidder status on 23 June at the previous Executive meeting, and following tonight's decision, representatives from Amey will now work with officers at the Isle of Wight Council to finalise the contract before it is officially signed later this year.
The new contract will begin in November this year and is worth up to £225 million over its lifetime.

It is designed to deliver savings on the current cost of the service, increase recycling on the Island and minimise the amount of household waste sent for landfill with a target of 90 per cent diversion from landfill by 2020.


As well as recycling, waste collection and treatment, the new contract includes a requirement to operate a reuse and waste minimisation service.

The new contract will be responsible for the delivery of waste collection and waste disposal services and will include:

• Collection service of household waste and recyclables, which includes residual, green and food waste and recyclables.
• Operation and management of civic amenity sites (CA).
• Maintenance, operation and management of bring bank sites (such as bottle banks).
• Design, operation and management of treatment and disposal services for food, green and residual waste.
• Design, operation and management of a recycling service.
• Providing a facility for the re-use through re-sale of household items and education and promotional activities will be key to reducing waste, reuse and recycle.
• A commercial waste service for waste and recyclables.

Although full details of the new service residents will see will be published over the summer, there will be no changes to waste collections until at least spring 2016.

Executive member for sustainability, environment and public realm, Councillor Luisa Hillard, said: "I am pleased councillors have now voted to award to the contract to Amey. The firm is already doing a lot of work behind the scenes in preparation for delivering waste collection and treatment services for the Island.

"The council will continue to work closely with Amey to finalise the contract ahead of the official signing."


Mel Ewell, Amey’s chief executive, added: “The Isle of Wight is a unique community and we look forward to building a long term partnership with the council and Islanders. We want to deliver innovative and good value environmental and waste services, which meet the needs of the residents and also save the council money.

“The council has a strong commitment to sustainability and we aim to support this by dealing with waste for the Island, on the Island and thereby delivering a local service with local jobs.”

The new contract replaces the existing integrated waste management contract which has been operated by Island Waste Services (a subsidiary of Biffa Ltd) since 1997, and which expires in October this year.

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    Amey has been awarded the contract following the vote by members of the Executive
    Amey has been awarded the contract following the vote by members of the Executive
    • Amey employs over 21,000 people according to its website.
    Isle of Wight, UK