04 Mar 2016

Fight for the Wight campaign launched

A new campaign calling on the government to give the Isle of Wight fair funding has been overwhelming backed following its launch this morning (Friday).

The Isle of Wight County Press and the Isle of Wight Council have teamed up to launch a petition, calling on the government to commit to improve it’s funding for the Island.

The council fears that it will not be able to set a legal budget next year have been well documented, with over £50 million savings found over the past five years and a further £17.5 million in 2016/17; at the cost of jobs and services.

Today (4 March 2016), the Fight for the Wight campaign has been launched, aimed at uniting the Island to campaign for more money from government to address the unique problems it faces and end the inequality with the rest of the South East.

Councillor Jonathan Bacon, Leader of the Isle of Wight Council, said: "This is why I hope that the ‘Fight for the Wight’ campaign will gather support from across the Island and beyond, from all those who value and want to show their support for the place where we live. This is not just about the council or the many services it provides, but it is about us taking action to sustain our community and support the values that we hold dear."

Alan Marriott, Editor of the Isle of Wight County Press, said: "You would have to be pretty hard-hearted to not be affected by the stories the County Press has been running over the last few years about council cuts.

"Services are under threat, and council staff are losing their jobs at an alarming rate, it is plain to see that something is going very wrong.  That is why the County Press is putting its weight behind this effort to get something done."

Representatives from across the Island community were present at the launch.

Get involved and spread the word using the links on the right-hand side of this page.

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Fight for the Wight campaign launched
Fight for the Wight campaign launched
  • The Fight for the Wight campaign goes beyond the council; it's about making the case for the Island to the government and needs everyone to sign the petition.
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