27 May 2021

Play it COVID safe this bank holiday

As the bank holiday weekend approaches, Islanders are being asked to continue to show the caution that has kept coronavirus at bay this spring.

Talking in a new video produced by the Isle of Wight Council, Dr Giles said he had seen first-hand how dangerous COVID-19 can be, especially for more vulnerable Islanders. People can view it at https://youtu.be/NuzNRP5nWfI

He said: "We all know how difficult the last year has been in so many ways, for so many people.

"We can all really make a difference as we move out of lockdown if we use all the tools available to us to stop the transmission of the virus."

Hands, face, space — These three actions are vital as restrictions are eased:

• Wear a face covering when required or when social distancing is difficult.

• Keep washing hands regularly, for 20 seconds or more, using soap. Use hand sanitiser whenever you're not at home.

• Whether it’s people you don’t know at the supermarket, or friends not in your household at the pub, social distancing is still very important and will help break the chain of transmission.

Meeting people outside

Even if you are meeting people inside, stay socially distanced and continue to wash your hands frequently.

If you’re going out to meet friends, everyone in your group must leave their details for NHS Test and Trace. The easiest way to do this is to login in with the QR code scanner on the NHS COVID-19 app.

Meeting people inside

When meeting people in your own home, please stick to the rules. Keep a safe distance apart and open the window and door. Fresh air really does help minimise the spread of the virus.

If you can, meet in the garden – always choose this over meeting indoors.

Self isolation

Dr Giles says self-isolation is key to stopping the virus spreading. Self-isolation means that you can’t leave your house or garden unless you are going to get a COVID test at Newclose County Cricket Ground.

"Some of my patients have told me they are very worried about self-isolation — because of work or money worries, or because they don’t know how they will get food or walk their dog," said Dr Giles.

"Self-isolation can be difficult to cope with, but please know that whatever your worry, support is available.

"Call the Isle of Wight Coronavirus Helpline on (01983) 823600 or go to keeptheislandsafe.org/self-isolation."

Top tips

Dr Giles has put together these top tips to help you stay safe this bank holiday weekend:

• Make a plan. If you’re heading out, think about where you’re going, who you’re going to meet, what it might be like. Do a ‘risk assessment’ in your head.

• Think about other people. Some people are more vulnerable to COVID. If you’ve got someone who’s vulnerable in your family and you get COVID, you may not get sick yourself, but you could pass it on and they could become very poorly.

• Our actions make a big difference. Play your part — now more than ever our actions will make a big difference to all of our lives as restrictions are eased.

Simon Bryant, the council's director of public health, added: "We are still consolidating our position in respect to COVID. Every single act of care and caution keeps the virus on the back foot and every time someone does those simple basic things they are playing their part in countering COVID. Please keep it up — it is working.”

There is more COVID-19 information for the Island on keeptheislandsafe.org


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Dr Simon Giles
Dr Simon Giles
  • Even if you are meeting people inside, stay socially distanced and continue to wash your hands frequently.
  • If you can, meet in the garden – always choose this over meeting indoors.
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