Revetment reopens

Published: 13 January 2023

The popular walkway has been closed for safety reasons after around 400 tonnes of debris cascaded onto the walkway in recent cliff falls.

That debris has now been removed, the revetment has been swept and it will open to walkers again this afternoon. Dog waste and litter bins will also be reinstated from tomorrow (Saturday). These had been temporarily removed both to discourage public use of the revetment while it was closed and because they could not be serviced by a vehicle while the revetment was impassable.

An Isle of Wight Council spokesperson said: “Naturally safety is our priority and we needed to be as sure as we can be that further cliff falls were not imminent, and that the revetment was cleared and cleaned before we opened it up again.
“Our service provider, like our community, wants to protect and enhance our natural environment. While unable to service bins there was a risk of over spilling litter into the environment which we did not want to see, and are pleased that the temporary removal of bins has helped to keep our seas and beaches free of litter.

“Now that work has been undertaken we are pleased to be able to re-open the revetment ahead of the weekend.

“We may need to make further closures and/or diversions in the coming weeks to enable further work to be undertaken but these will be publicised in advance.”

The spokesman said the waste bins around the revetment cafes would be the first to be instated and all would be back in situ by the early part of next week. They said anyone using the walkway should continue to do so with care.