17 Feb 2014

Undercliff Drive update

Following concerns today (Monday) over increasing land movement in the area of Undercliff Drive, St Lawrence, Isle of Wight the occupants of three remaining occupied properties in the affected area have been advised to leave their homes.

Council officers accompanied by a fire officer and police officer were this afternoon advising the residents of the deteriorating situation and providing advice and support.
To assist residents, the following measures have been put in place:
- On site advice and help from social care and homelessness officers.
- Emergency service support to assist with relocation, if required.
- Help in moving belongings to a safe location for storage.
- Provision of temporary hotel accommodation, if required.
The council is being supported by Island Roads, Hampshire Constabulary, the Marine Coastguard Agency and members of the armed forces, who remain on the Island to assist with the operation.
Today’s advice to residents follows previous advice from the council that residents should leave their homes due to the deterioration of conditions in the area.
In total nine properties are in the affected area along a stretch of Undercliff Drive between Niton and St Lawrence.
Access to the site is extremely difficult and is worsening. Further inspections today led to the latest decision to recommend to residents to leave the remaining occupied properties on the northern side of the road.
Access to the site is restricted to authorised personnel only and the location is security fenced and gated at either end.
Following unauthorised incursions into the site earlier today, a strong reminder has gone out to members of the public and media not to try to gain access to the site – this is due to safety concerns because of movement in the area. A formal road and footpath closure order remains in place.
The Isle of Wight Council is working with technical experts to consider the longer-term issues surrounding the stability of Undercliff Drive.

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Army personnel assist with moving residents' possessions at the weekend
Army personnel assist with moving residents' possessions at the weekend
  • Nine properties are in the affected area of Undercliff Drive.
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