Warning to dog owners

Published: 26 July 2022

Amid a growing number of complaints about inconsiderate owners, the council is stepping up patrols in hot spot areas as well as continuing to undertake random patrols on beaches.

Lee Matthews, strategic manager for recreation and public open spaces, said: “We appreciate most dog owners abide by the regulations set to keep our beaches clean over the busy summer period, however, there is a small minority of people that choose to ignore the signs and continue to use exclusion zones.

Residents and visitors are being reminded that between 1 May to 30 September some beaches are off limits or restricted to our four-legged friends.

A £100 fixed penalty or a fine of up to £1,000 if prosecuted in court, are the consequences. 

A full list of the beaches and other areas where restrictions are in place can be found on the council's website

The good news is that there are still plenty of beaches that welcome dogs all year round.

A list of these is available on the Visit Isle of Wight website along with other great ideas on exploring the Island with your pooch.

Councillor Jonathan Bacon, Cabinet member for environment, said: “Our public space protection orders are there to ensure everyone — visitors and residents alike — can enjoy our beaches.

“It means owners must clear up after their dogs — you can use any public bin and not just dog specific bins — and keep your dog under control and abide by the restrictions that are in place. The orders are also in place to preserve wildlife areas in our beautiful Island biosphere.

“Most dog owners are responsible people, but we all know of, or have seen, some owners who don’t control their dogs and have no respect for others. The orders make sure we have the powers to deal with the few who don’t act responsibly."