Planning Applications

Historic Planning References Maps - Island Index Map

The local planning authority is seeking to make as much of its historical planning information available to the public as possible. The maps below show information relating to historic planning permissions that, due to their age, are not currently digitised and available within the Application Search function. The information shown on the maps covers the period 1947-2000.

The information shown on the maps can be classified as the following:

  • The extent of the area covered by a planning permission will be shown by either a blue, red or green outline and are sometimes also hatched.
  • The number within the boundary are the TCP (town and country planning) number of the application, and these are shown in either blue, red, green or grey.
  • The letter(s) after the TCP number relate to the planning applications for that site i.e. the first application would be TCP/00001 and then the next application for that site would be given the reference TCP/00001A and so on.
  • The letters in brackets are abbreviations of the following (w) – withdrawn, (e) – enforcement and (app/ A) – appealed.
  • Power lines are shown as straight yellow lines with numbers against them.
  • Listed buildings are shown in green.

The information shown in the maps can be used to identify the planning history of a site and to inform planning history searches. If you wish to request an appointment to view the planning file(s) for a historic planning application, please contact, stating Request for historic planning file as the subject and quoting the relevant TCP numbers. An appointment will usually be arranged to be held within three working days of receipt of the request (to allow sufficient time for the file to be returned from storage), and confirmation of the appointment will be made via email.

Please use the map below to find the area you require a historic planning application references map for.

NOTE: Please use the scrollbars to move around the map, then click on the map sector you require. Some built up areas may have sub area index maps. Please be aware that the maps files will open in a new browser window or tab, so please make sure you are not blocking these from opening on your device or browser settings.