School governor information

Governor services is offered by the Local Authority (LA) as a means of advice, support and information to Governors and their Clerks. The service continues to offer this in relation to governing body constitution and procedures, dealing with grievances, complaints and appeals, setting up federations and a range of other on-going governance issues that have arisen over the years.

The service includes:

  • termly briefings for clerks and development governors
  • regular information sent to clerks for dissemination to governing bodies
  • guidance and support on the recruitment and appointment of governors
  • email and phone helpline providing advice and guidance on school governance issues
  • targeted information for governors with specific responsibilities.

Training programmes for governors and clerks include:

  • induction courses for newly appointed governors
  • induction for newly appointed clerks to governors
  • safeguarding, safer recruitment and performance management training
  • specialist training courses for various governor committees
  • training as required on specific issues such as finance, inspections and school improvement
  • regular reviews of training through liaison with clerks and development governors.