Isle of Wight Council

Invitation to Tender for the provision of a Framework for a Tier Two Weight Management Service for the Isle of Wight

Category: Miscellaneous
Procedure Used: IWC Open Tender
Award Criteria: Most Economically Advantageous Tender (MEAT)
Location: Isle of Wight
Estimated Value: £420,000
Deadline: 20/11/2013
Details: The Isle of Wight Council invites Tenders from suitably qualified providers for the provision of a Framework for a Tier Two Weight Management Service for the Isle of Wight. The contract is to run from 1st March 2014 for a period of four years.

It is the Council’s intention to enter into a Framework Agreement.

A framework can be defined as:

“a general term for agreements with suppliers which set out terms and conditions under which specific purchases (call-offs) can be made throughout the term of the agreement”.

The framework will be for a period of four years, and is anticipated to be for up to four suppliers although could be single supplier. Referral to the service will be from Health professional for a programme of weight management with the aim to achieve a minimum of 3% weight loss of individuals. The overarching aim is to reduce the prevalence of adult obesity on the Isle of Wight from 27.4% to the national average of 26.1%.

The Public Health Development Commissioner (Customer) will manage the contract.

The Contract will operate as a framework agreement for the Contract Period during which call offs may be effected by patient referrals from a relevant health professional for a programme of weight management.

The choice of the provider for each such referral will belong to the patient referred who upon referral will have been given information on the choices available to them for their weight management service. This information will have detailed the possible providers and thereafter, the patient will initiate contact with the chosen provider and the weight management service can begin. If the patient elects to use the Provider then this will constitute the Call Off from the Contract.
Additional Info: The Freedom of Information Act (FOI) 2000 which came into force on 01.01.2005 applies to the contracting authority. If any Tenderer considers that any information supplied by them is either commercially sensitive or confidential in nature, this should be highlighted and the reasons for its sensitivity specified. In such cases the relevant material will, in response to FOI requests, be examined in light of exemptions provided for in this act.

If you do not get a response within 24 hours of initially requesting the documentation, it is the tenderers responsibility to re contact the Isle of Wight Council to obtain the documents.

The Council reserves the right not to conclude any Framework Agreement(s) as a result of this procurement process. No guarantee can be made as to the volume of usage under the contract.

Any values listed are indicative.

Although documents will be available up to the closing time and date for submissions, it is the tenderers responsibility to ensure that they request the documents in ample time to ensure that they can be completed and returned, along with all supporting documentation called for, prior to the closing time and date.

How to Respond: Tenders can be submitted by completing a Tender pack which is to be returned by no later than 14:00 Hrs on the 20th November 2013.

The tender pack can be obtained from:

Lucy McLaughlin
Business Hub Support Officer

Tel: 01983 821000 ext. 6341