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Multi-Agency Forensic CAMHS and Harmful Sexual Behaviours Forum Workshop Monthly Workshops

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Target Group:
Practitioners and Managers within the children’s workforce on the Isle of Wight (particularly those working with the 10 to 17 age group).

Course Aims:

Suitable for all practitioners and managers of the multi-agency workforce on the IW, this open forum is an opportunity for IW child practitioners and managers to consult with the IW/Hampshire FCAMHS service on a variety of subjects including:

  • Discuss cases of concern/raise professional queries in relation to cases assessed as posing a risk to others and/or evidencing harmful sexual behaviours.
  • Explore academic or theoretical developments in relation to the FCAMHS field with a view to increasing awareness of them and how they impact on other areas of work.
  • Agreement of actions for intervention which may form part of plans to address or manage risks identified.

Attendance at this forum will enable staff to:

  • Develop their knowledge and skills in relation to the management of cases demonstrating a risk of serious harm to others and/or harmful sexual behaviour.
  • Development of professional networking amongst the children's workforce in relation to complex cases.
  • Increase awareness of services available and how they might work together to manage risk.

Intended Impact:
Each session will cover a different topic, details are as follows:

8 January - Harmful Sexual Behaviour
12 February - Stalking
12 March - Violence
9 April - Local Support Services (awareness & Information)
14 May - Harmful Sexual Behaviour
11 June - Fire-setting
9 July - Borderline Personality Disorder
13 August - Fitness to Plead & Diminished Responsibility
10 September - Harmful Sexual Behaviour
8 October - Trauma, Anxiety & Aggression
12 November - Auditory & Visual Hallucinations
10 December - TBC

The Forum is open to anyone wishing to attend in an observation role and those who have direct cases to discuss. In both instances, please notify Charlotte Young one week in advance on 01983 823011 to support room booking and planning.

When attending to discuss a case, attendees are required to prepare a brief case summary and be clear what they wish to get out of the discussion. Where possible, names should be notified to Charlotte Young (as above) in order that involvement checks can be completed prior to discussion (and in support of it).

For bookings please contact