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Undertaking & Managing Section 42 Enquiries

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Target Group:

Aimed at managers and practitioners who have a role to play in managing and undertaking Section 42 enquiries. This course is available to all organisations across the Isle of Wight, including Police, Health, Community Safety, Housing and the voluntary sector. There will be no cost to attend this course and it is being funded by the Isle of Wight Council. This offer aims to enable staff to increase their confidence, knowledge and skills in this area which should result in more effective and improved partnership working.

Course Aims:

This course will equip participants with the skills and knowledge to work effectively in situations where there is a risk of abuse and/or harm that has or will occur. Participants will develop their knowledge in key areas of law enabling them to be more confident in carrying out their role effectively with regards to safeguarding adults and Section 42 enquiry work.

Intended Impact:

By the end of this course you will:

• Describe the difference between Safeguarding concerns and s42 enquiries

• Identify the statutory sections of the Care Act and how to apply them in practice

• Describe the decision making that informs s42 decisions

• Describe the objectives of an adult safeguarding enquiry and how to meet them

• Be able to apply the 6 statutory safeguarding principles

• Promote partnership working and describe the roles and responsibilities of partner agencies

• Describe when and how to cause partner agencies to make enquiries

• Identify common problems in adult safeguarding work and enquiries and how to avoid them

• Apply local policies and procedures – With particular reference to the latest threshold and criteria documents, MARM framework and IOW SAB and 4LSAB process and procedures as per consultancy work to date from Jane Hughes.

• Identify how to support an adult to achieve their outcomes

• Identify the factors that inform a decision to close a s42 enquiry.


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Isle of Wight Council employees should book via SAP when possible. Employees without access to SAP and external delegates can book by completing the online application form