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Planning for a Positive Retirement

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Target Group:

Council Staff or Council Volunteers/Partners.  Anyone considering leaving employment on normal, early or ill health retirement, or taking flexible retirement within approximately the next 18 months or so.

Partners are encouraged and welcome to attend (with employers permission).

Course Aims:

The aim of this event is to help you apply a positive attitude and realistic approach to a healthy and financially secure retirement.

Forward planning is advisable when making any major change in life and retirement is no exception.  Make sure your plans are realistic and based on knowledge not myth - join colleagues and a Retirement Specialist at a “Planning for a positive retirement” workshop to consider a range of issues related to retirement and decisions you will need to make before you leave.

This workshop is delivered by Affinity Connect a national training organisation which specialises in providing pre-retirement guidance and support.

Course Objectives:

  • To ease financial concerns by clarifying key financial issues in particular those related to leaving service early and how best to deal with them
  • To assist with decision making when offered early retirement or redundancy
  • An opportunity to seek independent financial advice (free, no obligation consultation)

Intended Impact:

This workshop will raise your awareness of, and give you the tools to address key issues  you will need to consider as you move into retirement in respect of the following areas:-

  • Changes in lifestyle - relationships, time, motivation, status
  • Building a new life – social/leisure/learning/volunteering opportunities
  • Health – practical steps and a personal health plan
  • Occupational pension – entitlement, choices and decisions you will need to make before you leave
  • State pensions – entitlement and claiming, other benefit entitlements
  • Personal Taxation - changes at retirement and some tax planning tips
  • Budgeting - changes pre and post retirement
  • Inflation - what real inflation means to you personally and how to protect against it
  • Longevity – planning for the long term
  • Investment - understanding investment principles and minimising risk in retirement
  • Estate planning – Wills, Power of Attorney, inheritance tax, long term care
  • The opportunity to request Independent Financial Advice (request form in course manual)*  

This workshop will cover the following areas:
Identifying concerns, Managing lifestyle changes, Occupational pension benefits & options, Deferred pensions – options, State Pensions – protecting your entitlement, Personal Taxation & tax planning, Fighting Inflation, Repaying debt, Investment principles + reducing risk, Protecting your assets for the future (Long term care, Power of Attorney, Wills), Planning ahead.

Isle of Wight Council employees should book via SAP when possible. Employees without access to SAP and external delegates can book by completing the online application form