Electric vehicle charging infrastructure strategy

The Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure (EVCI) Strategy (PDF, 69 pages, 1.82MB) focuses on a charging infrastructure for Electric Vehicles (EV) on the Island.

This network will include chargepoints for the use of cars and vans, taxis, private hire vehicles and delivery vehicles. It does not aim to identify a specific charging infrastructure for larger vehicles and buses. But, it recognises that some of the infrastructure may be suitable for these vehicles.

The provision of EV chargepoints also supports our “Mission Zero” Climate and Environment Strategy. The ambition is for the Island to be net zero by 2040.

A public consultation on the council’s draft EVCI strategy was undertaken in Spring 2023. We listened to residents, visitors, businesses and anyone else interested in chargepoint provision. It helped us to understand the ambitions, challenges, and opportunities. Download the EVCI Strategy Consultation - Summary of Responses 2023 (PDF, 29 pages, 347KB).

The Cabinet authorised the strategy in September 2023.

The EVCI strategy gives a suggestion of what the future network may look like. It proposes some actions the Council and other organisations can take to support the rollout.

In particular, we want to:

  • plan for residents that do not have off-street parking and who will be completely reliant on the public network;
  • ensure that visitors to the Island who will also be reliant on public chargers have been factored into the plans;
  • enable certain fleet vehicles to charge quickly during the working day.

At this stage the number of public chargepoints for a full network on the Island is unknown. It will be subject to changes in technology.

This network will be enabled by the council and the private sector working together. The council will seek third party funding for all its chargepoints.

It will work with operators that are able to provide a reliable and competitive service.

This will include on and off-street chargepoints.

It may consider charging hubs. The hubs will provide ultra-rapid charging for business as well as residential use.’

The charging network will meet the needs of residents, visitors and businesses.


If you have any queries or would like to give us feedback on our current EVCI strategy please feel free to email us at pfi@iow.gov.uk