Highways development control

The Island Roads Development Control Team is responsible for:

  • searches (highway adoption enquiries)
  • street naming and numbering
  • highway adoption (S38/S278/S228 applications)
  • highway responses to planning applications
  • supervision/delivery of planning related highway improvement schemes

How can I obtain Highways advice on a planning/ development proposal?

The Island Roads Development Control Team offer a free pre-application advice service. You may book an appointment with an engineer to discuss your proposal. The appointment may take the form of an office-based meeting, a telephone conversation, or an online Teams meeting. Or, you can submit your request to the team via email and you will receive a detailed written response within 10 business days.

Appointments can be made by telephoning 01983 822440 and asking to speak with the Highways Development Control Team or by emailing developmentcontrol@islandroads.com 

Who do I contact if I have a road adoption enquiry?

The Island Roads Development Control Team will be happy to deal with any highway adoption / highway search enquiries you may have.

Is there a fee associated with a highway adoption / highway search enquiry?

Yes, should you need written confirmation of highway status or to a highway search enquiry there is a fee for this service. Please contact Island Roads by telephone 01983 822440 or email developmentcontrol@islandroads.com

Who do I contact for information regarding a Section 38 or Section 278 Agreement?

All general enquiries should be submitted to the Island Roads Development Control Team.

Should you need a copy of a S38 / 278 agreement then please telephone the IWC Legal Team on 01983 821000.