Public transport artwork competition

Poster competition

bus seats and a golden tuba with loud orange sound lightening shapes

Design a poster to go inside buses and trains.

You can help make everyone’s journey on public transport more peaceful and enjoyable

Who can enter?

The competition open to secondary, sixth form and college students on the Isle of Wight.

Winning artwork will be displayed on buses and trains

Poster competition categories

Category 1: Behave well on public transport

  • play music quietly
  • don't be anti-social
  • take you litter with you and put it in a bin
  • don't disrupt or disturb other passengers

Category 2: Stay smart on the roadside

  • stay off your phone
  • don't mess around with friends when you cross the road
  • remove earbuds and headphone to focus when you cross the road
  • cross at the lights

How to enter

  1. Design a poster using one of the category themes.
  2. Scan or take a photo of paper designs, or make sure your digital design is in .pdf, .jpg, .png or .eps format.
  3. Download, read and sign a copy of the terms and conditions (PDF, 102KB)
  4. E-mail your design and signed terms and conditions to by Tuesday 30 April 2024.