What is fostering

Family in the garden with teddy bear
Fostering is when a child is cared for by someone who is not their birth parent.

Foster carers offer children a safe, secure and warm home at times when their own families are unable to. This can be because of a difficulty in the family or short-term illness of a parent. In situations where children are unable to return to the care of their parents, fostering can support children into adulthood.

With support of a specialist team, foster carers take children into their homes. This is to help them thrive in a caring and safe environment, building their future with them. Fostering can be hugely rewarding and great fun. 

It's important that our children have the option to remain in our local community, where their education and friendships can continue.

If you are interested in becoming a foster carer, we'd love to receive your enquiry.

Once your enquiry has been submitted, we will contact you for an informal discussion. You can also call us on 01983 823160.