Business Rates

Citizens Access Portal

You can access your Business Rate account via the Isle of Wight Citizens Access portal.

The Citizens Access portal will allow you to complete the following tasks online:

  • View details of your account - use the unique On-Line Key shown on your most recent bill. Click here to view an example of a bill (PDF, 298.96, 1 page) to view your payments and account balance.
  • Set up or amend a direct debit.
  • Check a rateable value.

Please Note: when using the citizens access portal you can save your answers online and return to complete the notification within 28 days. However if you fail to submit all the information within the period advised then the saved information will automatically be deleted.

Citizens Access Portal - Portal Restrictions

When advising us of changes in advance of 30 days or retrospectively, these cannot be updated using the Citizens Access Portal. You will need to call us with this information on telephone 01983 823920 so we can process your information and provide further advice if needed.

Important Information to help you view your Business Rate Account online

You will need to correctly input the following information in order to view your business rate account details using the citizen access portal:

Full Name - your name or company name as it appears exactly on your business rate account.

Your Online Access Code - This is shown at the top of your bill. Please Note: each time we issue you with a bill the online access code changes, so check you are using the latest code from your most recent bill.

Contact Details - the last three digits of your bank account if you pay by Direct Debit, or the last three digits of any telephone number you may have supplied.

Postcode- details should be entered in the format e.g. PO36 9EA

To Log onto the Citizens Access Portal and view your Business Rate account, please click here.