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Question: Do I need to register a death that has been held as a Coroners Inquest?

Answer: In this circumstance the family does not register the death.

After the inquest has been held, which can be up to 12 months after the death, the Coroner informs The Register Office that the death can now be registered. This is done without the family being present. The registrar will write to the next of kin to let them know the death has been registered and they contact us to buy any death certificates.

The funeral still goes ahead as usual as the Coroner issues the certificate for cremation or burial when an inquest is being held. The Coroner also issues Interim Death Certificates so the family can go ahead and deal with the deceased’s estate.

We can, however, still do the Tell Us Once service with an interim death certificate from the Coroner but the next of kin will need to make an appointment to do this.

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Question: The time limit to register a death is within 5 days after death, but what if the death has been referred to the Coroner's Office for a post mortem?

Answer: You are still required to register the death within 5 days from the date of death. If you are going to find it difficult to register the death in this time please call the Register Office for advice.

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