Isle of Wight Festival

Major Events Licensing

For all major events on the Island the promoters/ organisers will need to ensure they have obtained the correct licenses from the council's Licensing department.

Please see below to view the public facing document and the premises licence for the 2019 Isle of Wight Festival.

Public Facing Document

The purpose of the public facing document is to reassure the public that effective plans are in place to manage the effect of the Festival on the local community.

To view the document please click here  (PDF, 82KB, 6 pages). 

Premises Licence

The current premises licence can be viewed by clicking here (PDF, 711KB, 15 pages).

Complaints Line

Throughout the event the Council have a complaints Llne which will be available in order for issues relating to the event to be reported and looked into. The phone line will be available between Thursday 13 June (8am) and Monday 17 June (8am). The contact number will be (01983) 823426.