Heritage Education Service (HES)

Museum Object Loan Boxes

HES Handling Collection

The Heritage Education Service can loan items of historical, archaeological and geological interest to educational groups on the Isle of Wight for a small fee. The material in the loans catalogues comprises of original artefacts, replicas and models on a range of topics from dinosaurs to the 1970s. This facility is available only to educational groups on the Isle of Wight.

Loan boxes can support classroom activities before or after Heritage Education sessions delivered at schools, at Carisbrooke Castle Museum or Newport Roman Villa. For example:

  • Prehistory Loans: We have the following loans to enhance learning about prehistory: Stone Age Flint Implements Domestic Life in the New Stone Age, IW Neolithic Flint Implements loan Otzi the Iceman (late Neolithic) and Bronze Age Barbie, Bronze Age axes, Iron Age costume models.

  • Roman and Saxon Loans: We have a very wide range of Roman loans that include original jewellery, oil lamps, bathing items, a hypocaust model, replica clothing and mini - armour. We also have Saxon loans that include pottery with stampers (to re-create your own pot), sets of games, replica coins and jewellery and costume models.


Loan Box Catalogue

We have hundreds of loan boxes that cover all periods of history. View the School Loans catalogue (PDF, 1685KB, 36 pages).

Bookings & Fees

Loans can be delivered and collected for the cost of £40 for up-to eight loan boxes.

To book a loan box or for further information please contact us using the online send a message to service  alternatively please use the details found in the contact tab above.