Isle of Wight Council

Local Council Tax Support - Entitlement

Disputing or Appealing a Decision

Disputing a Decision

You will receive a decision notice from us in writing where you have either:

  • Made a claim for Local Council Tax Support.
  • Notified us of a change in circumstances that affects your entitlement.
  • Had a reassessment for the new financial year.

If you have received a decision and you do not understand it, you can ask for it to be explained in a ‘statement of reasons’, which will provide more detail about how we calculated your entitlement.  You must do this in writing within one month of the date of the decision.

If you think the decision is wrong, or if you think that we have not considered all of the information you have given us, or if you think that we have applied the policy governing the Local Council Tax Support scheme incorrectly, you can ask us to look at it again.  If the decision is considered to be wrong, a fresh decision will be made and a new decision letter will be issued to you.

Making an Appeal

If we do not change our decision you have the right to appeal to an independent body, the Valuation Tribunal.

You will need to fill in an appeal form; you can do this online at

You must send your appeal to the tribunal within two months of the date of your decision notice.

You have two months to appeal to the Valuation Tribunal after the council has given you its final written decision. If you have not received a reply within two months, you can still appeal to the Valuation Tribunal if no more than four months have passed since you wrote to the council about the problem with your bill.


An overpayment is an amount of Benefit/support which has been paid to you but to which there is no entitlement under the rules. Overpayment of Benefit/support can occur both in Housing Benefit and or Local Council Tax Support.

Overpayments can occur due to many different factors.  A typical reason is when your income increases for a past period which then reduces the level of entitlement awarded.

When an overpayment is found, the following information and decisions are made:

  • The period of the overpayment
  • The amount of the overpayment
  • The cause of the overpayment
  • Whether the overpayment is classed as 'recoverable'
  • Whether to recover the overpayment
  • Decide from whom the overpayment should be recovered

Overpayments Due To Delayed Benefit Awards

Sometimes, you may be claiming Local Council Tax Support whilst you are waiting for another Social Security Benefit to be awarded. If you are then awarded the other Benefit, this may result in an overpayment of Council Tax Support which will be automatically adjusted on your Council Tax account.

View the leaflet 'What to do if you think the decision about your benefit is wrong' (PDF, 215.71KB, 8 pages).