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Picture of a street

Housing and Accommodation factsheet February 2019  (PDF, 814KB, 10 pages). This factsheet highlights key information and statistics relating to housing and accommodation on the Isle of Wight, including house prices and sales volumes, housing affordability, homelessness, deprivation, fuel poverty and housing adaptation.

Community Safety Partnership 2020 Strategic Assessment (PDF, 1.25MB, 40 pages) The Community Safety Partnership produces a strategic assessment of community safety on the Isle of Wight, including crime figures, youth offending, road traffic accidents, fires, environmental health and trading standards data.  View more about the Community Safety partnership .

For a lot of services, the Isle of Wight has been split into three localities - North East Wight, South Wight and West & Central Wight. Here is a map of the localities and which LSOA areas they consist of. (PDF, 134KB, 2 pages)

Here are some data profiles for each of the localities showing the differences or similarities between them:

North East Wight locality profile (PDF, 197KB, 5 pages)

South Wight locality profile (PDF, 187KB, 5 pages)

West & Central Wight locality profile (PDF, 187KB, 5 pages)

Island Plan Background Documents (iwight.com website)

Local Housing Needs Assessments can be found here Local Housing Needs Surveys (iwight.com website)


Ward Area Data

This dashboard has been created to offer key data and information about all electoral wards across a variety of subject categories.

PLEASE NOTE: Currently, the information is presented under the old electoral wards. As the new wards have only just been instated, the data that we currently have is not yet for the new boundaries so please interpret with caution.

When new data is released, primarily from the Census, this will be presented under the new ward boundaries.

Ward Information Packs 2021 (External link)


Download and print off a map of the Isle of Wight Ward and Locality boundaries: MAP Wards to Localities 2021 (PDF, 422KB, 1 page)

For comparison purposes, here are the old Ward boundaries: MAP Wards to Localities 2009 (PDF, 324KB, 1 page)