Isle of Wight Council

Housing Benefit - Entitlement

Disputing a Benefit Decision

You will receive a benefit decision notice from us in writing where you have either:

  • Made a claim.
  • Notified us of a change in circumstances that affects your benefit.
  • Been told you have to pay back benefit.
  • Had a reassessment for the new financial year.

Disputing a Decision

If you have received a decision and you do not understand it, you can ask for it to be explained in a ‘statement of reasons’, which will provide more detail about how we calculated your entitlement.  You must do this in writing within one month of the date of the decision, either by email using the 'Send a message to this service' tab above or by post to our office address which can be found within the 'Contact' tab above.  

If you think the decision is wrong, or if you think that we have not considered all of the information you have given us, or if you think that we have applied the regulations governing the Housing Benefit scheme incorrectly, you can ask us to look at it again.  If the decision is considered to be wrong, a fresh decision will be made and a new decision letter will be issued to you.

The time limit for the dispute may be extended by up to twelve months but only in exceptional circumstances, for example because you were seriously ill and unable to dispute the decision within a month.

You cannot appeal against a decision more than 13 months after the date of the decision.

Appealing against decisions by the rent service

You cannot appeal about the amounts for the various levels of local housing allowance (LHA), or the broad rental market areas (BRMA) on which they are based. You can only appeal if you think we have used the wrong level of LHA for your circumstances. You also cannot appeal to the Tribunals Service in relation to any other decisions by the rent officer.

If your housing benefit has been assessed under a rent officer determination you can request it is looked at again. This is called a redetermination, and is like a second opinion on the original valuation.

If you feel the benefit decision is wrong, please click here for further information (PDF, 191KB, 8 pages).