Children and Family Services

Quality, Improvement, Performance & Commissioning (QIPC)

Data and Performance Team (DaPT)

The Data and Performance Team ensure our practices align with the objectives outlined in both the current Isle of Wight Council Corporate Plan and Children and Young People’s Plan. They will respond to any changes to these plans by:

  • delivering social care reports to improve data quality and monitor performance across the children’s services social care teams
  • connecting data to a variety of audiences including social care key teams, managers and strategic partners
  • give support to the target audiences to understand the narrative behind the data
  • deliver accurate submission of the annual statutory returns for looked after children and children in need
  • promote the delivery of a digital Isle of Wight Council and have an understanding for how this will lead to improved service delivery and how this fits in within the broader context of a digital government
  • working collaboratively with the children’s services information guardian, ensuring effective procedures are in place to respond to freedom of information requests.

Information governance arrangements are put in place where information needs to be shared securely with partners, and improvements to information management are identified and implemented through the privacy impact assessment forms issued by the Corporate Information Unit.