Isle of Wight Council

Homeless Intervention and Support Team


The Homeless Intervention and Support Team provide a programme that funds housing related support services. These support services help vulnerable people in the community. To get help through this you will need to speak to a professional that works with them. These professionals can be a care manager, probation officer or health worker. This professional will decide if this is the correct service to help you. They will complete a referral form for the supporting people service.

The Homeless Intervention and Support team are responsible for the commissioning and monitoring of housing related support services on he island. Providers are paid to provide housing related support to people on behalf of the council.

The type of support that can be provided includes:

  • Support in seeking accommodation due to homelessness
  • Support in relation to living in inadequate accommodation
  • Support in relation to rent/ mortgage arrears
  • Support in relation to a Notice to Quit / Possession Order
  • Support in relation to managing finances, budgeting and paying bills
  • Support in engaging with managing debt
  • Support with welfare benefits being reduced ceased or need to make application due to sudden loss of earnings
  • Support in relation to contact with external services (to avoid future homelessness)
  • Support in seeking alternative accommodation due to current circumstances
  • Support in relation to participating in training, education and work
  • Support to engage with mental health services
  • Support to engage with drug and/or alcohol treatment services
  • Support regarding the safety and security of your home i.e. neighbour issues, anti-social behaviour and property issues