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Frequently Asked Questions for this Service

Question: Do you provide transport for short breaks?

Answer: Unfortunately at present we do not fund transport to and from Short Breaks activites. If transport were provided this would reduce the funding available for activities. As we are aware that transport can be a problem on the Isle of Wight we will be working with local providers in the coming year to encourage more activities across the Island. This will reduce the need for transport and ensure it is not a barrier to Short Breaks accessibility.

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Question: How do we decide what activities are funded by the short breaks programme?

Answer: There are two panels that decide funding for Short Breaks: For funding over £1000: The Large Grant panel includes Short Breaks staff, Community Resources managers (Disabled Children's team), and parents/carers from Parent's Voice. The panel makes recommendations that are presented at a meeting between the Community Resources team leader and the Operational Service manager. For funding under £1000: The Small Grant panel is for funding to support individual children, equipment, resources and activities. It includes Short Breaks staff, the Community Resources managers (Disabled Children's team) and parents/carers from Parent's Voice.

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Question: How can I access short breaks programme activities?

Answer: Places can be booked directly with the activity provider. To participate in activities children and young people will need to apply for a membership card. The scheme is used to identify children or young people who may need extra support due to a disability and/or additional need.

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