Short Breaks - Inclusion

Who has received Capital funding grants

In 2018 Short Breaks have given captial funding grants to the following organisations to support inclusion:

  • Care Connect IOW recieved £719.57 for projector, bubble machine and sensory equipment. 
  • Adventure UK recieved £356.42 for a trampoline and games. 
  • Bebeccino recieved £277.97 for ear defenders and lego.
  • Ventnor Play Café received £708.54 for sensory equipment. 
  • St Catherines School recieved £440.19 for cooking equipment. and a tablet.  
  • John Cattle Skate Club recieved £292.98 for balance boards and longboard skateboards. 
  • Isle of Wight College received £335.70 for cooking equipment.
  • Sensory Swim received £500 for swimming equipment.
  • TimeTaxi CIC received £132.33 for archaeology equipment.
  • Scallywags received £199.63 for ear defenders, sensory toys, timers and controllers.
  • Ryde House received £498.00 for computer equipment.
  • Splat Messy Play received £83.88 for a water channel set and stand.
  • Network Ryde received £363.08 for storage units and art equipment.