Core Strategy

Additional Core Strategy Policy Guidance

The Council has produced guidance notes which aim to provide clarity for developers, agents and architects and other interested parties on matters contained within the Island Plan Core Strategy.

Mineral Safeguarding Areas

To view the guide, Application of Mineral Safeguarding Areas to non-mineral related development please click here (website).


Access to broadband infrastructure is essential in today's society. It is key to growing a sustainable local economy, vital for education and home working and an increasingly central part of community cohesion, particularly in rural areas.

The Isle of Wight Council Broadband web pages provide detailed information on the Isle of Wight Rural Broadband project, including the areas that will be covered by the project and how the project can benefit homes and businesses.

Planning for Broadband

The Isle of Wight Council has been working with the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Planning Officers Group to develop guidance and information for Developers. The Planning for Broadband – A guide for Developers (PDF, 378Kb, 6 pages) provides information around the benefits and opportunities of ensuring high speed broadband provision is in place on new developments, and how this can be achieved.

Further information can be found on BT Openreach (website) and includes a link to the Developers Handbook (website) for advice on how to build an infrastructure network.