The Island Plan

Area Action Plans

Area Action Plans for Medina Valley, Ryde and The Bay

Under the Island Plan Core Strategy (2012) Area Action Plans (AAPs) were proposed to provide detailed policy guidance for the three key regeneration areas set out in policy SP1 of the Core Strategy. Work has been undertaken on the AAPs, and the work undertaken to date is set out below. This work, and the consultation responses will be used to inform the review and the draft Island Planning Strategy.

AAP Draft Plan Consultation

The council published the following documents for a 6 week consultation (which ran from 6 November to 21 December 2015).

The documents consisted of a draft plan for each of the AAP areas, accompanied by a number of Environmental Assessment documents:

To accompany these documents the council has also prepared the following:

In line with the council's Statement of Community Involvement (PDF, 436KB, 4 pages), a statement (PDF, 1.01MB, 112 pages) setting out a summary of comments from previous AAP consultations and how they have informed how the plan has been prepared.

Each plan includes a draft Proposals Map and these are available to view separately via the following links:


AAP Informal Discussion Documents Consultation

The council published the following documents for a 6 week consultation (which ran from 23 May to 7 July 2014), in advance of the stages that the AAPs are required by legislation to go through:

As they are informal discussion documents, there were no environmental assessments (such as a Habitat Regulation Assessment or a Sustainability Appraisal) – these, and other technical evidence base documents, will be prepared and published for the formal consultation stages.