Isle of Wight Council

Green Garden Waste

Garden waste subscriptions 2022-2023

The green garden waste subscription window for 2022-2023 has now closed for new and/or renewed subscriptions.

If you have taken out a new subscription service it will commence from the 1 April 2022. See table of collection days.

New subscribers - receptacle delivery

  • For residents that have their first Green Garden Waste collection between the 1 to 9 April, bins or bags will be delivered by 31 March
  • For residents that have a Green Garden Waste collection from 11 April, bins or bags will be delivered by 10 April

Non-renewal of subscription

You may take garden waste to Afton Marsh or Lynnbottom Recycling Centres for free. You will need to make a booking. You can compost green garden waste at home for free. You can also look at alternative commercial providers of green garden waste services.