Isle of Wight Council

Green Garden Waste

Your Garden Waste Subscription

Yellow flowers in summer

The green garden waste subscription service is a popular service and will operate every fortnight for your subscription year.

The subscription year runs from the 1 April until the following 31 March.

When your garden waste will be collected

Collections take place every two weeks, please check your collection day.

On your collection day, please set your garden waste bin/sacks out at the kerbside, where you normally place your waste and recycling bins/sacks. 

Collections may take place anytime after 7am, please make sure your garden waste is out on time.

What you can put in your garden waste bin / sacks

Please place the following in your green garden waste:

  • Leaves / flowers / whole plants
  • Twigs
  • Grass cuttings
  • Branches up to 20cm think
  • Roots
  • Wind fall fruit
  • Hedge Clippings
  • Weeds and brambles


What you cannot put in your garden waste bin / sacks

Do not place the following in you garden waste:

  • Soil, stones, rocks and rubble
  • plastic (pots, compost bags - place these in your recycling bin/sack)
  • metal / glass
  • textiles (garden fleece, weed membrane, old gloves)
  • large tree stumps / branches (thicker than 20cm)  

Christmas Trees

Your Garden Waste subscription includes the free collection of your real Christmas Tree.

Christmas Trees are collected for the first two weeks of January. Please place your tree in or next to your garden waste bin / sacks.