Newport Harbour

Newport Harbour additional information

This page has been created to give further information about Newport Harbour and the surrounding areas.

Consented overflows -  consented overflows information, provided on the Environment Agency website, which shows licensed discharges within 3km of PO30 1UD. 

Newport Harbour Safety Plan -   Newport Harbour Safety Management Plan 2018 to 2020  (PDF, 362KB, 8 pages)

Newport Harbour Emergency Plan -  view the Newport Harbour Emergency Plan Aug2020 (PDF, 993KB, 27 pages)

Newport Harbour Navigation Risk Assessment-  Newport Harbour Navigation Risk Assessment (PDF, 1.71MB, 57 pages)

Newport Harbour prices - 2019/2020 Charges (PDF, 41KB 2 pages)

Harbour Board terms of referenceTerms of reference (PDF, 14.1KB 3 pages)

Newport Harbour User Group terms of referenceTerms of reference (PDF, 9.50KB 2 pages)

Tide information -  Jan 20 - June 20 (PDF 46.9KB 6 pages)

Incident & Accident Reporting - Incident Reporting (PDF 452KB 1 page)  

Terms & Conditions - Terms&Conditions (PDF 30KB 1 page)

Tidal curve - Tidal Curve (PDF 154KB 13 pages)

Newport Harbour Revision Order (HRO) HRO (1988) (PDF 446KB 15pages)

Newport Harbour Estate : the plan shows the building and land which is classified as harbour estate as agreed by Cabinet in December 2011. Please note that it is for illustrative purposes only Newport Harbour Estate (PDF 4460 (1 page 802KB)

Newport Harbour map referred to in HRO (1988)

Please note that these plans are reproduced form the 1988 HRO and for illustrative purposes only; whilst they show the extent of the harbours jurisdiction they do not show either the extent of navigable waters or the land based harbour estate.  Copies of the HRO and the plans can be viewed at the harbour office.

    Plan of harbour extract1 (PDF 366KB 1 page)

    Plan of harbour extract2 (PDF 321KB 1 page)

    Plan of harbour extract 3 (PDF 413KB 1page)

    Plan of harbour extract 4 (PDF 510KB 1page)

    Plan of harbour overview (PDF 584KB 1page)

 Medina Estuary Environment Agency briefing document - EA briefing doc (PDF, 530KB 3 pages)