Adult Social Care - Information and Advice


A comprehensive list of Adult Social Care's Factsheets:

Adult Learning Disability Strategy (2018-21) (PDF, 400KB)

Adult Learning Disability Strategy (2018-21) Easy Read (PDF, 1MB)

Autism Strategy (2014-19) (PDF, 338KB)

Becoming a Self Employed Personal Assistant  (PDF, 243KB, 20 pages)

Carers (PDF, 103KB, 2 pages)

Charging and paying for Adult Social Care Services (PDF, 211KB, 8 pages)

Compliments, Feedback and Complaints Guide (PDF, 115KB, 4 pages)

Compliments and Complaints (Easy Read) (PDF, 399KB, 7 pages)

Deferred Payment Scheme (PDF, 134KB, 6 pages)

Direct Payment (PDF, 124KB, 4 pages)      

Direct Payment Support Service (PDF, 116KB, 3 pages)       

Funding your Own Care (Self Funders) (PDF, 152KB, 2 pages)

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (PDF, 160KB, 3 pages)

Getting help and support from the council (PDF, 238KB, 4 pages)

Help managing your affairs and decision making (advocates) (PDF, 106KB, 3 pages)

Local help and support (PDF, 114KB, 3 pages)

Non-Residential Self Funder (PDF, 98KB, 1 page)

Prepaid Card (PDF, 212KB, 6 pages)

Residential Care (PDF, 101KB, 3 pages)

Shared Lives (PDF, 493KB, 2 pages)

Supported Living (PDF, 45KB, 2 pages)

Third Party Top Up (PDF, 99KB, 3 pages)

Where do you start – being in control of what is important to you? (PDF, 268KB, 5 pages)


Reablement services and daycare

Adelaide (PDF, 718KB, 2 pages)

Gouldings (PDF, 859KB, 2 pages)


Learning Disability Support

No Barriers (PDF, 1,283KB, 2 pages)

Westminster House (PDF, 752KB, 2 pages)


Wightcare leaflets and web pages:

Wightcare (link to Wightcare's web pages)