Clinical Waste

Sharps Take Back Scheme

Service Update: 

Please use the online forms to book waste servicesavailable from the ‘Do It Online’ tab above.

Alternatively, if you have a waste query please complete the ‘Send a Message’ form available from the Contact tab above.

If you need to dispose of needles or syringes with needles, a ‘Sharps take back scheme' is available on the Island.  This scheme provides a container(s) for safe collection of these items.  Containers can be collected from 31 participating pharmacies across the Island.  Once containers are full, they should be returned to the pharmacy.

Unwanted/unused medicines should also be taken back to your local pharmacy in the original packaging.

Please do not place sharps (such as needles or syringes with needles) in your household waste and recycling as these can cause injury not only to the staff who collect the waste but also to staff at the resource recovery facility, landfill site or transfer station who may need to handle your waste.