Household Waste and Recycling

Other Domestic Collection Services

Assisted collections

If you find that:

  • You cannot manage the domestic wheeled bin or gull sacks that have been provided for you, 
  • or you cannot place your waste and recycling out on the kerbside for collection. 

You may be eligible for assistance with your waste and recycling collections. 

Apply online for an assisted collection.

Collection Plus

This service allows you to have your domestic wheeled bins or gull-proof sacks collected from an agreed point on your property This could be the side of your house, instead of being required to place them on the kerbside in your collection day. 

This service is ideal for householders who will benefit from ensuring their bins are collected on their allocated collection day without having to place their waste out before 7am on their collection day. 

Collection Plus benefits residents:

  • Who work away from home during the week, 
  • work irregular shift patterns, 
  • second home owners, 
  • the elderly, 
  • or anyone who owns a holiday let that is available to let for less than 140 days per year.  

This service costs £65 and runs for a period of one year from the date of purchase.

Before applying to join the service, please read Terms and Conditions for the Collection Plus service.

Apply online for a Collection Plus service  

Textile recycling

Households can recycle textiles by placing unwanted textiles in a plastic bag at the kerbside on your recycling week. Please avoid grey, black or green bags as these would be confused with rubbish. Householders may put clothes, cushions covers, duvet covers, pillowcases and curtains out for recycling. The crew cannot take bulky items such as duvets, rugs, pillows, cushions or shoes.

Reuse service - Free Collection from Domestic properties

Many of the things we throw away could be given a new lease of life. You may no longer need an item that is undamaged and in good working order. Our waste contractor Amey will collect undamaged and fully working household items such as furniture or televisions for free.  To arrange a reuse service collection please use the appropriate online form available from the 'Do It Online' tab above.

Please note that if upon arrival for the collection the items are deemed not reusable due to damage or poor condition, they will not be collected. You you will be referred to the bulky waste service below. 

We are committed to promoting reuse which delivers benefits for both the community and the environment. 

By reusing items we can:

  • Cut the amount of waste being sent to landfill.
  • Reduce energy and raw material costs associated with the production of new items.
  • Give local people the opportunity to save money – reusable items are much cheaper than buying new.

Bulky and one-off waste collection for Domestic properties - £40 per collection from the 1 April 2020

Amey also provides a bulky waste collections service for items, with up to four bulky waste items will be collected for a charge of £40. To arrange a bulky waste collection please use the appropriate online form available from the 'Do It Online' tab above.

Please note: items for collection must be placed on the kerbside by 7am on the day of collection or they will not be collected.

Acceptable bulky and one-off waste collection items:

Baby cot / Baby bath / BBQs / Bedside cabinet(s) / Bicycle / Bookcase(s) / Bed/bedbase / Cabinet / Chair dining room (four chairs = 1 item) / Chair (office/arm/ rocking/easy etc) / Chest of drawers / Coffee table / Cooker/oven / Computer monitor / Desk / Dishwasher / Curtain rails/blinds / Dressing table / Electric/gas heater portable / Fire (gas/electric) portable / Fridge and/or fridge freezer / Exercise bike / Garden bench / Garden swing (dismantled) / Garden Table / Headboard / Lawnmower (electrical or manual push) / Mattress (single/double) /  Microwave / Carpet (rolled up) / Carpet underlay (rolled up) / Rowing machine / Settee/sofa bed / Shelving unit /Slide (dismantled) / Snooker table (not full size) / Standard lamp / Step ladders / Stereo (including speakers) / Sunlounger / Television / Trolley (excluding shop trolley) / Trunk / Table / Vacuum cleaner / VCR/DVD player / Wardrobe / Washing machine / Water butt / Wheelbarrow.

Please note: a three piece suite (for example sofa and two armchairs) will be classed as three separate items. All white goods must be empty of food and in a clean state, otherwise they will not be taken away.

Unacceptable bulky and one-off waste collection items:

Anything containing asbestos / plasterboard / Any liquids / Doors / Radiators / Fire places / Pianos/organs / Sunbeds / Gas bottles/canisters / Garden ponds / Fence panels / Sheds / Aerials/satellite dishes / Bagged garden waste / Water tanks /  Petrol lawnmowers / Boilers / Argas/kitchen ranges / Pieces of wood/rubble or stone / Bathroom suites/sanitary ware / Commercial fridges or freezers / Mirrors/sheets of glass / Chemicals / Kitchen units or sinks / Any other item which is not furniture or a kitchen appliance.

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