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Newport Roman Villa

The discovery of Newport Roman Villa

Excavating Newport Roman Villa, 1926.

Newport Roman Villa was discovered in March 1926. 

Workmen uncovered Roman tiles while digging foundations for a garage as part of a new housing development. 

Thanks to public interest and the generosity of local resident Mr J C Millgate, the site was preserved and protected by a cover building.

Excavations had revealed the complete ground plan of the building leaving the excavators faced with the dilemma of re-burying a Roman villa which was remarkably well preserved.  At this point Mr. J. C. Millgate generously purchased the site and constructed the cover building for the villa.   After the death of Mr. Millgate in 1960 the site was offered to the ministry of Public Building and Works, but the gift was declined.   To safeguard the future of the site the Isle of Wight County Council accepted responsibility for the villa in 1961.   Due to the foresight of Mr. Millgate we are today able to view a Romano-British farmhouse which was abandoned more than sixteen centuries ago

To find out more about the discovery of Newport Roman Villa, read our guidance document (PDF, 2.43MB, 9 pages).