Apply for Hackney, Private Hire or Driver Licence

Read all the guidance notes, conditions and policies before completing and submitting an application.

Driver Application

Applicants for a hackney carriage/private hire driver need to complete a form. A criminal record check is required. You can apply for one through TAXIPLUS. Three Identification documents are required to be uploaded. Use our Identification document list guidance (PDF, 0.2MB, 3 pages) to determine which documents will be accepted.

You also need to have a Group 2 medical examination. You can get these from your GP, Occupational Health, St Mary's Hospital telephone 01983 552530, or a Medical Practitioner.

A knowledge test needs to be completed which is currently being carried out via a Microsoft Teams video call. View an Example - Hackney carriage/private hire driver’s knowledge test (PDF, 102KB, 3 pages).

Before applying, read the documents:

Use the forms listed below to apply:

Hackney Carriage Vehicle Application

All Hackney Carriage (Taxi) Vehicles require a licence, read the Hackney Carriage Proprietor Conditions (PDF, 75KB, 4 pages)  before submitting an application.

Download and complete the Application for the (Grant) (Renewal) (Transfer) of a Hackney Carriage Proprietor’s Licence form (PDF, 243KB, 2 pages). 

Private Hire Operator and Vehicle Applications

A Private Hire Operator's Licence is needed for the operator to invite or accept bookings for private hire vehicles. Each vehicle is required to have a Private Hire Vehicle licence.

Read the Private Hire Operator Conditions (PDF, 0.4MB, 2 pages) and Private Hire Vehicle Conditions (PDF, 84KB, 4 pages)  before submitting.

Use the forms listed below to apply: