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Community Capacity Grant application guidelines

Community Capacity Grants

Help and tips to complete the Community Capacity grant application form

Before you begin your application, ensure that you read this guidance. It will help you to complete your application. It will help you provide what the panel will expect to see within your application. This page will answer your questions about the application form to help you fill it in correctly.

It is good to have this open while you complete the form.

Page 2 - Location of your provision

Show how you determined that the location helps you to provide evidence on identifying and meeting the community need. Ensure that the venue is accessible. You are scored on evidence of community need. Failure to provide evidence decreases your chance of success.

Page 3 - Do you know when this provision will start?

If you are not yet sure when your provision will start, please do highlight this option. You are not scored based on this. It is important to remember that all provisions must start before 30 September 2024.

If you are a successful but fail to meet the specified date for provision commencement, we have the right to withdraw our offer of funding.

Does your provision support a main focus?

It is important your provision supports one of these main focusses. We will not offer funding to provisions that do not meet at least one of these focusses. There is no need for you to meet more than one. If you feel your provision meets more please select all those relevant.

You must supply details on how your provision supports your selected focusses. Failure to provide the supporting information will decrease your chance of success.

Expectant parents and parents with children up to 2 years:

We have received additional funding from the Integrated care board for any provisions that support this focus. If you meet this focus, your application will be considered for this funding stream.

What is the cost to the individual / family?

To help us to determine the value for money we need to know how much you will charge (if anything) to individuals and families. You are scored on value for money so failure to provide decreases your chance of success.

Page 4 - Costs

What we do not fund

  • building refurbishments
  • training (additional training not provided by the IOW Council as part of the agreement)
  • insurance costs
  • DBS checks
  • marketing costs (we will support you for free)

Please ensure you view the sample costings on the page as this displays the maximum rates we would fund. The rates per hour and session are non-negotiable so please ensure you application does not exceed these.

All costs must be added in pounds and pence and broken down.

Expectant parents and parents with children up to 2 years funding:

Consumable costs can include safety equipment such as stairgates and lidded cups. We will not consider your application if costs are submitted as whole amounts.

  • Important: Do not exceed the maximum of £5,000

Staff costs

Please list each staff member individually.

Senior staffing hourly costs will be considered based on skills/qualifications evidence provided. If this is not supplied you may be asked to provide evidence before the grant is offered.

Venue Costs

Venue hire can only be paid if a venue or space is hired only for the use of the activity you are applying for. Please note that you may be able to access Family Hub and centre buildings free of charge in your local area. Please contact Barnardo’s direct to enquire.

What is upfront funding and how will it be paid?

  • costs will be paid as a one-off payment at the beginning of your agreement
  • you will then receive the rest of your grant payment in four instalments throughout the first year of delivery
  • please note this is paid in arrears
  • you need to be clear with costs that you need upfront
  • costs will be discussed at panel
  • if accepted you will need to provide receipt evidence of purchase 30 days after the upfront funding has been paid
  • upfront funding is usually for venue hire if needed to reduce the costs and equipment
  • we are able to re-negotiate upfront costs if we feel this is appropriate
  • be specific with your costings panel need to know exactly what you are requesting the funding for
  • the overall costs and how the funding is spent contributes towards the value for money priority, which your application is scored on

Page 5 - Provide a breakdown of which days and times your service or activity will be available

We require all provision to be fully inclusive. In most circumstances we require provisions that are for children aged 5 years and over. Sessions must take place outside of school hours. The time should be as inclusive as possible. We want the provisions to be available to everyone, not just those within your community.

How many people in total do you expect to benefit from your provision?

We need to know an approximation of the numbers of individuals you feel will benefit over the 12-month grant period. This can be worked out as an average if needed.

Your provision must support all the four priorities of:

  • emotional resilience, mental health and wellbeing
  • sustainable Provision
  • meeting an evidenced community need
  • value for money

These priorities and how you answer the questions equates to 85% of your overall score. Consideration needs to be given to these areas. You must answer each of the four priority questions.

Please attend one of our support sessions or reach out to us should you need any support.

Provide evidence and examples of how your organisation and project will deliver and meet:

  • the emotional resilience priority
  • the mental health priority
  • the wellbeing priority

When you complete your application, please consider these questions:

  1. What will you offer attendees to support with this over the 12 months?
  2. What will you consider when ensuring that this provision is sustainable? 
  3. How will your organisation and project deliver and meet this priority?
  4. How do you intend to sustain this provision once you funding ends? 
  5. What measures will you have in place? 
  6. What other options have/will you consider?
  7. What activities have you undertaken to identify a community need? 
  8. How will your organisation and project deliver and meet the evidenced community need?

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