Early Help Community Resource Forum

The Early Help Community Resource Forum is a network of Early Help providers. This forum will assist you in managing all agreed expectations and how to maintain your service legal agreement. It gives you the opportunity to network, work in partnership, share good practice and seek support from each other.

Early Help is the total support that improves a family’s outcomes or reduces their chances of a problem increasing.

Our vision is that Early Help is everyone’s responsibility. By implementing effective Early Help systems we can help to create competent and empowered communities and better outcomes for everyone within them.

Early Help Systems available to children and their families are made up of three types of services. They are combined in different ways to form a local area’s Early Help offer to its citizens. The three types of service are:

  1. universal services
  2. community support 
  3. acute and targeted services 

Member rules

As a member of this forum you are expected to:

  • undertake training  
  • attend quarterly meetings
  • be an active member of the network of Early Help providers
  • apply the skills and knowledge you learn within your provision

These expectations are to ensure that everyone accessing your provision is safeguarded. It will also give you the knowledge to signpost anyone effectively to the Isle of Wight Council Early Help service if needed.

We will provide regular contact with the Supporting Families Project Worker, who is happy to advise and support you.

Forum quarterly meeting dates

Please confirm you will be attending by emailing: earlyhelpgrant@iow.gov.uk

  • Monday 8 July 2024. 2pm to 4pm at Newport Minster, St Thomas Square, Newport
  • Tuesday 8 October 2024. 10am to 11am. Virtual online meeting hosted in Teams
  • Tuesday 14 January 2025. 12pm to 2pm at Wildheart Animal Sanctuary, Yaverland Road, Sandown

UK Government guidance

Supporting Families: Early Help System guide - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk) outlines a national vision.

The guidance is for local partnerships building and delivering the local early help system of support for families.