Types of foster care

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What are the types of fostering?

There are different types of foster care to meet the needs of every child.

Short term

A short-term placement can range from an emergency overnight stay, weekend breaks, school holidays or anything up to two years.

Long term

Long term care provides a stable and warm home for a child, supporting them to adulthood and independence.

Parent and child placements

These placements provide care to the parent and child, offering support and advice for parents to learn the skills to take care of their child. The placement can vary from a few weeks to a few months.

Supported lodgings 16 plus

A supported lodgings carer provides help and support to enable young adults, preparing to leave our care, to learn important life skills and become independent.

Short breaks

Short breaks are offered to children who would benefit from some time away from their normal routines. This can include sleepovers, days out and weekend visits as a flexible arrangement to support families and fostering households.

Emergency care

There are times when children require a safe placement at short notice in times of an emergency. This can be for a night or two until they can be returned safely home or to a foster family that has been matched for them. This might be late in the night or over a weekend.

Family link

There are carers with specialist skills and experience who support children with disabilities with day outings and short breaks.

Fostering unaccompanied asylum-seeking children

This is where a non-British child has arrived alone in the United Kingdom, seeking asylum. We have a duty to provide care for the child.

If you are interested in joining us as a foster carer, we’d love to receive your enquiry.

How to make a fostering enquiry

You can call us on 01983 823160 or email your name and preferred contact time using the enquire button.