Payment of invoices

Our payment terms are payment within 30 days of receipt of a valid invoice

If you are a IWC vendor and need to invoice us for your services/products please see the methods listed below.

Electronic invoices

We would prefer our vendors/suppliers to provide their invoices (and credit notes, if appropriate), via an email. If you are happy to move to this method please register with us.

Registration process:

  • to register please email:
  • in the email please specifically state that you will not be sending paper documents to the council - this is a requirement for HMRC and the council’s financial regulations
  • once you have confirmed in writing (email) that you will be sending electronic invoices, we will send you an acknowledgement email
  • once you have received the acknowledgement email from us, please email your PDF invoices to:

Please note: emailed invoices must be in PDF file format in order to comply with HMRC requirements.

Paper invoices

All paper invoices should be sent to: Isle of Wight Council, PO Box 235, Newport, Isle of Wight, PO30 9FJ.

The purchase order number

The PO number is used to match your invoice with the PO. Any invoice received which does not quote a PO number will be returned. Invoices which do not match the PO, or the confirmation on the order, have to go through additional approval steps which will delay payment.

How to help us pay your invoice on time

  • submit original VAT invoices, at the correct VAT rate (unless you are not registered for VAT)
  • ensure quantity and pricing are consistent with the purchase order
  • ensure descriptions of products/services match with the purchase order
  • include the address to which goods were despatched or services provided
  • retain proof of product/service delivery in case of query
  • keep us advised of any changes to your details e.g. address changes, bank account changes, etc


Include the following information on your invoices and credit notes:

  • the Isle of Wight Council PO Number
  • the Isle of Wight Council as addressee
  • your invoice number
  • your VAT number (if VAT registered)
  • the net amount, VAT rate, VAT amount and gross amount
  • the tax point (date invoice raised)
To avoid delays in payment
  • don't accept a request for goods or services without receipt of a valid Isle of Wight Council Purchase Order
  • don't  send an invoice to the Isle of Wight Council without a valid PO number on it
  • don't  accumulate invoices - send invoices as soon as possible after despatch of goods or the provision of services
  • don't  accumulate charges - do not include amounts from more than one PO on one invoice
  • don't  use prices, quantities or descriptions that differ from those on the PO
  • don't  submit invoices which in total are in excess of the PO value without this being agreed with the requisitioner in advance
Isle of Wight council payment remittances

We promote receipt of payment remittances by email, this method informs you promptly of monies to be credited to your bank account. Please email to request for your remittances to be sent by this method.

Payment Queries

Should you have a query in relation to a payment you have received please contact Creditor Payments either by email or telephone 01983 823617. The creditor payments team utilise a messaging facility. Emails and messages received are responded to after 3.30pm the same day or if messages are left after that time the response will be the next working day.

Alternatively please use the send a message to service form.