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The aim of the delegated decision report is to set out the issues associated with joining with our neighbouring authorities (Hampshire County Council, Portsmouth and Southampton City Councils) and the Solent Local Economic Partnership (SLEP) as a member of the Solent Local Transport Body (SLTB) – the sole aim of which is to draw down, prioritise and allocate government money to fund major (£2m+) transport schemes in the SLEP area.


The expected outcome will be that the Isle of Wight Council joins the SLTB and will then be able to attract additional funds to spend on large transport schemes on the Island.


The job summary is used with our Generic Role Profiles to describe the specific tasks and duties of a job.  It also contains the qualifications, skills and experience expected for a job at that pay grade.  Please refer to the short guidance notes to help preparing a job summary.

Application for a council tax reduction on a property which is provided to a person by reason of their employment