Site inspections

Once your application has been registered and we have received your payment, you will be able to request your site inspection.

We will send you an inspection schedule advising you when you should contact the Building Control Surveyor, so an inspection of the works can be made. If you are a builder and haven’t seen the Inspection Plan, ask your client for it.

Once you have notified us at a particular stage, the surveyor will let you know what is required. We may inspect at these stages or choose to carry out the assessment of the works in other ways.  Photographs will only be accepted if agreed in advance with the inspecting surveyor. 

To ensure that the works meet minimum standards it is your legal obligation to notify us before you cover up certain parts of the construction.  If you forget to notify us at the requested stages then you may be asked to expose works for inspection or provide further information.

Arranging your site inspection

Inspection requests should be in line with the inspection schedule sent out with the application acknowledgement. 

The majority of site inspections are carried out within 48 hours of us receiving your request. If you would like to request a specific date, let us know. 

Book your site inspection by 4pm on the working day before your inspection is needed.

We will need to know:

  • the site address
  • the application reference number
  • purpose of the visit
  • a contact telephone number.

To book an inspection email or call 01983 823580.

You can also use the Local Authority Building Control (LABC) Site Inspection App to request inspections while out on site.

We aren't able to provide you with an exact time of our visit. If you know that you won't be on site all day, ask us to call you when you book your inspection. We will call you 30 minutes before we arrive.

Completion Certificates

Following a satisfactory completion inspection, a Completion Certificate will be issued. Failure to request the required inspections may result in the delay of certification or a requirement to expose elements of the work.

We will not be able to issue a completion certificate if we are not satisfied with the works or insufficient evidence to confirm compliance with the building regulations.