Housing Delivery Test

The Housing Delivery Test (HDT) looks at the number of homes built in local authority areas over the past three years. It compares these against the housing figure, using the Government’s standard method calculation for the island. Our most recent HDT score is 58% for 2021.

There are thresholds set at 95%, 85% and 75% of an area’s figure, and if we are below these, we will be subject to certain sanctions. More information about this can be at found at Housing Delivery Test: 2021 measurement

We are currently subject to all three sanctions, which are:

  • to prepare an action plan that sets out the issues of under delivery and what actions we, as a council, can take to improve the delivery of housing on the island. This is for being below the 95% threshold
  • to add a 20% buffer on to our five year land supply number. This is for being below the 85% threshold
  • to apply the ‘presumption in favour of sustainable development’ when determining planning applications, as explained in paragraph 11(d) of the National Planning Policy Framework. This is for being below the 75% threshold.

View the latest Housing Delivery Action plan.